A Very Different Legal Business

We are not a law firm and we are not regulated by the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority. New legislation was recently introduced with the aim of improving access to legal services and promoting competition in the legal sector. The Legal Services Act identified a number of activities (the Reserved Activities) which need to be carried out by a solicitor operating through a regulated practice and these include dealing with wills and probate, land registrations, notarial activities and the conduct of litigation.

We can’t do any of these things, but we can do everything else you would normally expect from your lawyers.

We saw this market liberalisation as an opportunity so we stripped away everything you don’t want from a legal service and just kept the bits you need.  If you want to have a meeting in a 35th floor glass box with a view of the Shard, we’re probably not the right fit for you but if you want expert advice from specialist startup lawyers then get in touch and see how we can help you protect your business at a fraction of the cost of a conventional lawyer.

All our lawyers trained in City firms and are now embracing a new, more flexible way of working which means they don’t have to give up their career if other things are important too, like the school run.


We’re agile

We’re not a law firm or an online document store. We’re a new agile breed of lawyers who are enabled and supported by technology. We have traditional service quality, but use digital opportunities to streamline processes and pass on the savings to our clients.

We work in partnership

We work as partners with our clients. We enjoy getting in at the ground level and using our legal expertise to help businesses negotiate start up pitfalls and set the controls for success.

We’re at home with creative and technical businesses

We thrive on the atmosphere of creative and technical businesses and get a buzz from using our legal skills to get a better deal for our clients.

We’re well connected

We can draw on a wide variety of specialist advisors and service providers. We offer our clients the support or skills they need – only when when they need it. Immigration, tax, accountancy – all of our partners have been carefully chosen as they are also committed to quality and great value.

We’re entrepreneurial

We have a start up mentality and we like to make things happen. We’re open to new inventions, new ideas, new ways of working and new ways of thinking.

We offer a range of flexible payment options

Legal problems often arise when a company can least afford professional advice. Our creative payment options mean that clients can act quickly when a legal issue crops up.

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We can help protect your inventions, nail your contracts and solve your legal headaches. We will decode jargon, outwit small print and talk in plain English. Ultimately, we want to be part of your success story.