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BREXIT: The Case for Leaving


  • It is in the interest of both the UK and EU to continue with full access to the Single Market.
  • Is less important to be in a trade block in 2016 than it was in 1973 due to 40 years of global trade liberalisation.
  • UK will gain the freedom to negotiate bilateral trade agreements with non-EU states.



  • The UK is losing influence whether or not it stays in the EU because euro member states are moving toward tighter financial and fiscal integration.
  • The UK is constantly fighting EU regulation and could disadvantage the City of London (e.g. the Financial Transaction Tax).
  • Outside the EU, the UK could be a successful offshore financial centre like Switzerland or Singapore.
  • Not joining the euro did not harm the City and leaving the EU would not change London’s fundamental attractions.



  • Capital Markets Union could take many years to complete.
  • The UK will remain an extremely competitive economy and therefore an attractive destination for foreign investment.
  • Additional restrictions on capital mobility are not in the interest of the EU or the UK. The status quo would largely prevail.



  • While Britain remains in the EU its immigration policy will be unbalanced. Exit would allow the UK to ‘cherry pick’ the best global talent.
  • Immigration has grown faster than the infrastructure, putting a strain on public services.
  • Immigration can drive down wages and deprive UK-born workers of jobs.



  • Outside the EU, the UK would not need to pay it to GBP10bn net contribution to the EU budget.
  • UK could replace the Common Agricultural Policy, which consumes 38% of the total EU budget, with more efficient farm subsidies in the UK.
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